image of vehical being scanned by technology at event checkpoint

VeroVision™ Vehicle Screening Service brings trained experts and innovative technology to your event venue quickly and seamlessly.

Our service provides trained experts and state-of-the-art threat detection technology to screen vehicles at checkpoints for explosive materials, supplementing your existing resources by adding a layer of security to help protect spectators, participants, and personnel.

We help you stop the problem before it starts.

Benefits of VeroVision Vehicle Screening Service:

  • Skilled operators help alleviate the burden on already resource-constrained events.
  • Designed to complement existing resources, such as canine units, and fill gaps.
  • Creates a visual deterrent and can potentially stop individuals attempting to carry out the threat.
  • All required equipment is included. No training needed.

VeroVision Vehicle Screening Service

VeroVision Vehicle Screening Service brings safety, trained experts, and innovative technology to your event venue quickly and seamlessly. Supplement and complement your existing resources to help protect spectators, participants, and personnel from explosive threats.

Download VeroVision™ Vehicle Screening Service product sheet to learn more about how standoff detection of explosive threats can be an efficient solution for added security at your next event.

Our layered security technologies and threat detection innovations are a direct result of the partnerships we’ve forged over the years.

In fact, end result products like VeroVision™ Vehicle Screening Services directly reflect the dedication and support of people and partners who create technology and software that makes the world a safer place.

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