Law enforcement and security personnel are often the first line of defense against a variety of security threats. To safeguard critical infrastructure and to protect people and events, these first responders need to rapidly detect imminent chemical, explosive, or narcotic threats that indicate terrorism or other illicit activity.

ChemImage has been on the front lines of threat detection for over a decade, helping to keep the world safer from terrorism, drug smuggling and criminal activity.

Our standoff threat detection capabilities, material scanning ability and innovative software are all the result of our proprietary molecular chemical imaging technology -- deployed within standoff systems that help law enforcement and security detect chemical, explosive or narcotic materials.

Detecting Threats to our Safety

Our VeroVision™ products apply technology and software to help improve security in a variety of scenarios, such as at special events or public places, for fixed or temporary vehicle checkpoints, in correctional facility mailrooms, and more.

Used as part of a tiered or layered security approach, VeroVision helps keep police officers, security personnel, first responders, correctional facility mail inspectors and the general public safer.