The team of ChemImage Biothreat, LLC, BaySpec Incorporated, and Ideal Innovations Incorporated was chosen to design two prototypes of a new Chemical Fingerprint Identification System (CFIS).

When officials at the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) used their experience in Iraq to pinpoint the need for a better method of identifying and detecting the presence of illicit materials in the field, they turned to ChemImage.

The goal of the Chemical Fingerprint Identification System is to link the identity of a person of interest from their fingerprint to the handling of an explosive, illicit material or drug -- by identifying particles co-located with the latent fingerprint itself. The CIFS would provide much-needed fixed and portable laboratory detection technology demanded by a variety of threat and law enforcement scenarios.

ChemImage developed the operating and identification algorithms and software design, the system’s optical and hardware design, and also designed the calibration and performance check processes for the prototypes.   

The first prototype of the system became available to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory in July of 2017.