Raman molecular imaging is at the core of two promising ChemImage partnerships in biomedical life science: a blood test for colorectal cancer diagnosis and intraoperative imaging tools to detect tumor margins.

In collaboration with Dr. Bergein Overholt of Gastrointestinal Associates (Knoxville, TN), ChemImage researchers are developing an in vitro diagnostic --, the Raman Assay for Colorectal Cancer -- for detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) and pre-malignant colorectal neoplasia (polyps) in blood.

This assay exploits the high specificity of Raman molecular imaging to distinguish diseased from normal dried blood serum droplets.

Additionally, ChemImage is working with Dr. Jeffrey Cohen of Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA) to develop intraoperative imaging tools for the detection of tumor margins and anatomic structures in near real time.  

This technology utilizes conformal liquid crystal optics to provide a compressive hyperspectral imaging sensor capable of collecting high contrast visible-near infrared molecular images of whole organs.

The aggregated results from our research partnerships will be focused on making real world improvements to patient health and outcomes.