In a pilot study of nearly 250 blood serum samples, ChemImage applied  Raman molecular imaging (RMI) spectroscopy to the samples, revealing excellent discrimination performance for detecting colorectal cancer.

This initial investigation into developing a Raman Assay for Colorectal Cancer lead to our first-ever clinical trial.

In 2016, ChemImage conducted a study with approximately 1,000 freshly collected clinical blood serum samples at four clinical sites as part of an investigative trial with Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark.  

This was the first large-scale diagnostics trial for ChemImage, and indicated when Raman molecular imaging is combined with multiplexed immunoassay biomarkers via weighted data fusion, overall detection performance is enhanced as more biomarkers are combined.  

Together with our analytical partners, we were able to analyze colorectal cancer indicators and information like never before. 

Today, ChemImage is working towards developing a low-cost, effective blood test for colorectal cancer as well as screening for pre-cancerous polyps by identifying associated biomarkers in blood serum.