The Spectral Kitchen™ is the heart of the ChemImage material analysis home — where high throughput data processing meets the flexibility, options and analytical tools necessary to develop unique material detection recipes.

Our scientists and algorithm engineers use Spectral Kitchen to develop, modify, and optimize recipes for materials detection and identification. These recipes can be run in either continuous mode (constantly running video), or discrete mode (a single detection image based on a series of collections).  

This makes Spectral Kitchen uniquely valuable for molecular chemical imaging applications – and products – designed for specific material detection, identification and location. For biomedical applications, and for imaging within the surgeon’s theater. In layered security environments, and threat detection applications. 

And perhaps in ways we (or you) haven’t even thought of yet.

The recipes made possible within Spectral Kitchen add unique power to molecular chemical imaging applications.

Multivariate and univariate methods of detection. Multiple methods of thresholding and data filtering. Live recording & replay when connected to instrumentation, with precise image comparison tools. And deeply detailed annotation tools. The versatility of Spectral Kitchen is matched only by the ingenuity of those who work within it to create, and classify, unique material recipes.