Our flagship molecular chemical imaging software offers precise instrument control and visualization for near-real time data collection and analysis.

ChemImage Xpert supports hyperspectral imaging from the ground up, providing molecular level information to detail material morphology, composition, structure and concentration. With CI Xpert you can capture image sequences into an integrated memory manager for efficient data collection and analysis.

Characterizing complex materials becomes intuitive and routine, all without the use of reagents. CI Xpert software powered much of ChemImage’s technology as it emerged across the wide spectrum of molecular chemical imaging products we’ve developed since inventing the field in the 1990’s.

What you get is what you see with CI Xpert.

Selectively detect, analyze and identify chemical and biological samples. Then visualize it!

Whether you are analyzing pharmaceutical samples, chemical warfare agents, polymers, air samples, forensic evidence or other substances, ChemImage Xpert helps you understand what substances are present, how much, how pure and where they are found.