Whitley County Jail Hosts VeroVision Mail Screener Demonstration Day for Indiana Jail Facilities

ChemImage, a leader in standoff threat detection technology, provided on-site demonstrations of its VeroVision Mail Screener product at a showcase hosted by Whitley County Sheriff, Marcus Gatton, on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. The event educate jail staff, administrators, and other personnel about an innovative solution that can help prevent officers and other personnel from being exposed to fentanyl and other illicit drugs. The VeroVision technology platform detects drugs concealed in inmate mail with the objective of reducing the risk of exposure to dangerous substances and ultimately having a positive impact on the opioid epidemic. Several dozen attendees from multiple Indiana county jail facilities attended the technology demonstration. Additionally, numerous television stations including WANE county and WFFT were present to document the conversation. 


Sheriff Gatton organized this event in response to an incident of fentanyl exposure at the Allen County Jail in November 2017, which left 35 people exposed to the deadly substance. In response, the Whitley County Jail has amended its policy on incoming inmate mail, limiting the types of correspondence that an inmate can receive. Jail officials from several Indiana counties are now exploring technology designed to make their facilities both healthier and safer for staff and inmates. VeroVision Mail Screener scans articles of mail using near infrared hyperspectral imaging technology to detect hidden illicit drugs and common cutting agents. The product features a simple, one-click user interface that allows the operator to scan mail within seconds to confirm the presence of illicit drug substances.


Drugs finding their way into a prison are a serious issue because it jeopardizes the health and safety of staff as well as inmates and adds to the expense of incarceration. Prisoners under the influence of illicit substances may be combative and jeopardize the safety of prison staff. Additionally, the surge in fentanyl use is particularly concerning because it’s an extremely dangerous substance that can be fatal with exposure to just a small amount. This poses a particular threat to prison staff tasked with opening and examining inmate mail prior to distribution.  A growing number of facilities throughout the country have already purchased the VeroVision Mail Screener as an added layer of security in their facility.


About ChemImage Corporation

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