ChemImage Trains Saudi Arabian Forensic Document Examiners on Advantages of Hyperspectral Imaging for Forensic Applications

The ChemImage team recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to train forensic document examiners from the Ministry of the Interior on the advantages of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) for forensic document examination and other forensic applications. Through its distributor, Al-Naher Al Raqmey Trading Est., ChemImage has sold a number of systems to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior. 

John Belechak, Chief Operating Officer and Forensic Line of Business Manager and Jeffery Beckstead, Ph.D., Project Manager for the Forensic Line of Business at ChemImage led a multi day HSI and forensic document training seminar. Forensic document examiners traveled from across the country to attend this factory sponsored meeting. The training focused around the examination of questioned and secure documents with ChemImage’s HSI ExaminerTM200 QD system. Participants were able to use the instrument for comparison of inks, uncovering obliterated information and verification of security features on tax stamps and currency, including polymer bills.

“Our goal was to educate the participants of all the features and functions available within the system for forensic document examination,” said John Belechak, Chief Operating Officer and Forensic Line of Business Manager at ChemImage. “After the multi day hands on training with the system, we are confident the participants will be able to use what they have learned here and apply it to their existing casework.”

Additionally to training participants on using the HSI ExaminerTM200 QD system, Belechak and Dr. Beckstead also demonstrated the effectiveness of the HSI technology in other forensic applications, such as latent fingerprint examination, body fluids, and trace evidence including gunshot residue analysis.

“During this training, the forensic experts from Saudi Arabia were grateful to see and understand the value of HSI in forensic applications as a whole, not just forensic document examination,” said Belechak. 

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