ChemImage Launches Unique New Feature for VeroVision® Mail Screener

Feature provides detection capability of inmate mail that has been sprayed with, or soaked in methamphetamine and certain kinds of synthetic cannabinoids.

ChemImage, a leader in standoff threat detection technology, is introducing a new feature for VeroVision® Mail Screener to aid in detection of sprayed and soaked inmate mail received at correctional facilities. This new software update has shown to increase detection of methamphetamine and certain synthetic cannabinoid sprayed/soaked mail items over human screening alone. It assists the user in providing a means to reject suspicious mail in an unbiased manner.  With the recent uptick in this type of smuggling, the need for this technology becomes even more apparent.

ChemImage understands the prevalence of drug use among correctional facility inmates and the danger these sprayed and soaked methods pose, and is using its technology to help combat these issues.  A report from the Office of the Inspector General states that mail is one of three primary ways drugs enter prisons.  VeroVision Mail Screener scans articles of mail using near infrared hyperspectral imaging technology to detect hidden illicit drugs and common cutting agents. The product features a simple, one-click user interface that allows the operator to scan mail within seconds to confirm the presence of illicit drug substances.  This 100% safe technology offers a high rate of accuracy and integrates into the normal process and flow that mailrooms are currently used to. 

Drugs finding their way into prisons are a serious issue because it jeopardizes the health and safety of staff, as well as inmates, and adds to the expense of incarceration. The drugs that are used to spray/soak mail items can be particularly dangerous.  Inmates under the influence of illicit substances may be combative and jeopardize the safety of prison staff.  VeroVision Mail Screener upgraded with this new software can help curb possible unpredictable, dangerous, and aggressive reactions to these drugs.  

Unlike other solutions, the Mail Screener allows inmates to receive their screened mail in its original form and does not require friends and families to pay additional fees to send correspondence to their incarcerated loved ones. A study by the Urban Institute found that prisoners who maintained family connections through letters and visits reduced recidivism rates, and were more likely to be successful upon reentry.  Not to mention the impact intercepting drugs has on the success of drug rehabilitation for inmates, as well as gathered intelligence on drug smuggling rings within correctional facilities. 

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