ChemImage Introduces HSI Examiner™ 50 Instrument

ChemImage is introducing a new HSI Examiner™ 50 instrument, featuring the latest software advancements from their HSI Examiner™ product series, at this month’s American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle, Washington. More than 4,000 forensic professionals representing all states in the U.S. and 66 countries worldwide will convene at this annual conference for the purpose of forensic science education. 

The HSI Examiner™ 50 builds on the ease of use, speed and functionality found in the HSI Examiner™ product series. This system combines high resolution digital imaging and precise spectral data collection for fast and accurate discrimination in a wide range of forensic applications, such as authentication of travel documents and currency, examination of covert security features and watermarks, detection of alterations and forgeries, exposure of concealed or obliterated information. Additionally, this HSI Examiner™ 50 integrates the capability of reading magnetic ink characters. Incorporated into this innovative instrument is ChemImage’s single multi-conjugate filter to improve the examination these features. By expanding the HSI Examiner™ family of products, ChemImage now offers a comprehensive range of hyperspectral imaging instrumentation for forensic document analysis. 

At the conference, ChemImage will exhibit both the HSI Examiner™ 50 as well as the HSI Examiner™ 200 QD instruments and will feature demonstrations of their new cutting edge software platform which was developed with the forensic document examiner in mind. Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to interact with a modernized user interface that incorporates several new image comparison features and spectral processing tools. The user friendly experience will be easily noticeable through document sample demos done throughout the duration of the AAFS conference. 

“The ChemImage Forensics team is very excited to debut our latest instrument at the AAFS conference. We look forward to launching the HSI Examiner™ 50 to an audience of forensic document examiners who truly understand the need for products with superior discrimination abilities, such as those from the HSI Examiner™ series,” stated John Belechak, Chief Operating Officer and Forensics Line of Business Manager at ChemImage. 

About ChemImage Corporation

ChemImage Corporation is a Pittsburgh based company committed to making the world healthier and safer through dramatic advancements in chemical imaging technology. The company combines proprietary, state-of-the-art imaging sensors, algorithms and analytical software to solve the world's most challenging health and safety issues.

ChemImage seeks to provide an Awareness of Things™ (AoT™) to a global audience, using the company's innovation platforms to provide people with unprecedented levels of vision, information and situational knowledge about their surroundings in their everyday lives. To accomplish this goal, the firm develops technologies for chemical and biological applications across many global industries; including life sciences, bio-medical, security, threat detection, anatomic pathology, forensics and diagnostics. 

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