ChemImage Corporation Ranked 34th in the Electronics & Instruments Patent Scorecard

ChemImage, a world leader in molecular chemical imaging technologies, has been ranked 34th in the United States for Technology Strength™ according to The Patent Board’s Electronics & Instruments Patent Scorecard™ published in The Wall Street Journal Market Data Center earlier this week. 

“This rank provides a quarterly snapshot of innovation based on U.S. utility patents issued over the past 13-weeks and provides an overall assessment of a company’s intellectual property quality and quantity,” said Christine Wren of The Patent Board. 

ChemImage Corporation has a smaller patent portfolio compared to the scorecard leader, however its Industry Impact™ score is over two-times that of the industry which supports the movement up the Patent Scorecard.  Up from a rank of 38th in the previous 13-week period, ChemImage has seen an additional 9 patents granted to bring their total to 91 granted, 8 allowed and 54 pending in the U.S. alone.

ChemImage also has a high Research Intensity™ score.  The higher score indicates that a company’s technology is closer to the cutting-edge than its competitors with a score over three-times the industry average. The Patent Board’s Technology Strength™ is the basis of the Patent Scorecard™ rankings and provides an overall assessment of a company’s intellectual property quality and quantity.   The Patent Board tracks and analyzes innovation, movement and the business impact of patent assets on a global basis. 

Upon receiving notification of recent Patent Scorecard rankings, Dr. Patrick Treado, ChemImage’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer noted, “We are pleased to see ChemImage’s patent portfolio and the innovation it represents rank among some of the world’s technology leaders, including Agilent , 3M, iRobot, Thermo Fisher & Eastman Kodak, to name a few.  As a small company, ChemImage has invested its modest resources to build a robust patent portfolio.  In the near future, we anticipate seeing issuance of our 100th patent which represents a real milestone, as we position our molecular chemical imaging technology to address critical needs in the 21st century.” 

About ChemImage Corporation

ChemImage Corporation is a Pittsburgh based company committed to making the world healthier and safer through dramatic advancements in chemical imaging technology. The company combines proprietary, state-of-the-art imaging sensors, algorithms and analytical software to solve the world's most challenging health and safety issues.

ChemImage seeks to provide an Awareness of Things™ (AoT™) to a global audience, using the company's innovation platforms to provide people with unprecedented levels of vision, information and situational knowledge about their surroundings in their everyday lives. To accomplish this goal, the firm develops technologies for chemical and biological applications across many global industries; including life sciences, bio-medical, security, threat detection, anatomic pathology, forensics and diagnostics. 

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