CardioVere®, A ChemImage Company, Accepted to Present Latest Clinical Trial Results at Heart Failure Society of America Annual Meeting

CardioVere®, a ChemImage Company and an innovator in non-contact fluid measurement, is pleased to announce that their abstract Non-contact Molecular Chemical Imaging For Evaluation Of Lower Extremity Congestion: A Validation Study Compared To MRI” has been accepted for presentation at the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC.

The HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting features the latest in diagnosis, management, and late-breaking clinical data related to heart failure.  It brings the best of science, research, and practical management to healthcare professionals all in one place.  To learn more: 

CardioVere® seeks to be the next generation of tissue congestion measurement to help screen, monitor, and manage heart failure patients.  Our HFSA presentation will feature the results of a clinical study done in collaboration with the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and the Mayo Clinic comparing our patented Molecular Chemical Imaging (MCI) technology to MRI when evaluating lower extremity congestion.  CardioVere’s parent company, ChemImage, is a pioneer in MCI with 28 years of experience in materials analysis and advanced clinical imaging.

"We are thrilled to be recognized by the Heart Failure Society of America for this innovative work and the potential it has to positively impact heart failure patients," said Dr. Adam Saltman, Chief Medical Officer of ChemImage, CardioVere’s parent company. "CardioVere technology is being compared for the first time against a gold standard reference method, MRI, and it will establish an important basis for CardioVere® to address unmet clinical needs in heart failure management." 


About CardioVere®

CardioVere® is designed to enable personalized care with the goal of detecting sub-clinical and clinical tissue congestion non-invasively across all care settings, including the home.  Our mission is to provide precise information early in the heart failure decompensation cycle to improve patient care.  CardioVere leverages proven, patented molecular chemical imaging technology developed by its parent company, ChemImage. The technology uses light, filters, and optics paired with our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and software enabling the user to see the unseen.

About ChemImage Corporation

ChemImage Corporation is a Pittsburgh based company committed to making the world healthier and safer through dramatic advancements in chemical imaging technology. The company combines proprietary, state-of-the-art imaging sensors, algorithms and analytical software to solve the world's most challenging health and safety issues.

ChemImage seeks to provide an Awareness of Things™ (AoT™) to a global audience, using the company's innovation platforms to provide people with unprecedented levels of vision, information and situational knowledge about their surroundings in their everyday lives. To accomplish this goal, the firm develops technologies for chemical and biological applications across many global industries; including life sciences, bio-medical, security, threat detection, anatomic pathology, forensics and diagnostics. 

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