The patents, patents pending and intellectual property held by ChemImage represent our pioneering spirit of molecular chemical imaging invention.

We’ve developed novel chemical imaging processes along with the specific instrumentation, tunable filters and dynamic software used to obtain, image and analyze specific samples. Our patented advances span forensic science, anatomic pathology, materials science, biomedical research and threat detection.

Our intellectual property, combined with over 20 years of innovation, resides at the heart of our mission to help make the world healthier and safer.

patent number patent description
7,755,757 Distinguishing between renal oncocytoma and chromophobe renal cell carcinoma using raman molecular imaging
7,755,756 Raman spectral analysis of pathogens
7,738,095 Method and apparatus for compact spectrometer for detecting hazardous agents
7,705,981 Method and apparatus for super montage large area spectroscopic imaging
7,701,573 Method for correlating spectroscopic measurements with digital images of contrast enhanced tissue
7,701,572 System and method for chemical imaging of microarrays
7,697,576 Cytological analysis by raman spectroscopic imaging
7,692,776 Chemical imaging explosives (CHIMED) optical sensor
7,692,775 Time and space resolved standoff hyperspectral IED explosives LIDAR detection
7,679,740 Method and apparatus for multimodal detection
7,649,618 System and method to perform raman imaging without luminescence
7,629,591 System and method for structured illumination and collection for improved optical confocality of raman fiber array spectral translator imaging and interactive raman probin
7,626,696 Method and apparatus for reconfigurable field of view in a FAST-based imaging system
7,623,232 Raman spectral analysis of pathogens
7,609,370 Single detector based dual excitation wavelength spectra display
7,596,404 Method of chemical imaging to determine tissue margins during surgery
7,595,878 Spectroscopic methods for component particle analysis
7,580,126 Method and apparatus for producing a streaming Raman image of nucleation, aggregation, and chemical interaction
7,570,356 System and method for classifying cells and the pharmaceutical treatment of such cells using Raman spectroscopy
7,564,546 Dynamic imaging of biological cells and other subjects
7,561,264 System and method for the coincident deposition, detection and identification of threat agents
7,557,915 Automated acquisition of spectral data and image data
7,554,659 Hyperspectral visible absorption imaging of molecular probes and dyes in biomaterials
7,551,821 Chemical imaging fiberscope
7,548,310 Method and apparatus for compact spectrometer for multipoint sampling of an object
7,538,869 Multipoint method for identifying hazardous agents
7,532,320 Multimodal method for identifying hazardous agents
7,522,797 Method and apparatus for fiberscope
7,495,752 System and method for the deposition, detection and identification of threat agents
7,542,138 Sample container and system for a handheld spectrometer and method for using therefor