The patents, patents pending and intellectual property held by ChemImage represent our pioneering spirit of molecular chemical imaging invention.

We’ve developed novel chemical imaging processes along with the specific instrumentation, tunable filters and dynamic software used to obtain, image and analyze specific samples. Our patented advances span forensic science, anatomic pathology, materials science, biomedical research and threat detection.

Our intellectual property, combined with over 20 years of innovation, resides at the heart of our mission to help make the world healthier and safer.

patent number patent description
8,379,197 Spectroscopic systems and methods for classifying and pharmaceutically treating cells
8,379,193 SWIR targeted agile raman (STAR) system for on-the-move detection of emplace explosives
8,289,503 System and method for classifying a disease state using representative data sets
8,368,880 Chemical imaging explosives (CHIMED) optical sensor using SWIR
8,320,637 System and method for hyperspectral imaging of treated fingerprints
8,289,513 System and method for component discrimination enhancement based on multispectral addition imaging
8,269,174 Method and apparatus for compact spectrometer for multipoint sampling of an object
8,253,936 Raman characterization of transplant tissue
8,112,248 Forensic integrated search technology with instrument weight factor determination
8,158,957 System and method for structured illumination and collection for improved optical confocality of raman fiber array spectral translator imaging and interactive raman probing
8,098,373 Spatially and spectrally parallelized fiber array spectral translator system and method of use
8,068,222 Method and apparatus for microlens array/fiber optic imaging
8,094,294 Multipoint method for identifying hazardous agents
8,078,268 System and method of chemical imaging using pulsed laser excitation and time-gated detection to determine tissue margins during surgery
8,013,991 Raman difference spectra based disease classification
8,054,454 Time and space resolved standoff hyperspectral IED explosives LIDAR detector
7,999,928 Method and system for combined Raman and LIBS detection
7,990,533 System and method for analyzing biological samples using Raman molecular imaging
7,990,532 Method and apparatus for multimodal detection
7,956,996 Distinguishing between invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma using raman molecular imaging
7,956,991 Method and apparatus for interactive hyperspectral image subtraction
7,848,000 Birefringent spectral filter with wide field of view and associated communications method and apparatus
7,945,393 Detection of pathogenic microorganisms using fused sensor data
7,933,430 Method and apparatus for spectral mixture resolution
7,815,117 Method and apparatus for counterfeiting protection
7,808,634 Method and apparatus for automated spectral calibration
7,808,633 Spectroscopic system and method for predicting outcome of disease
7,764,371 System and method for super resolution of a sample in a fiber array spectral translator system
7,760,353 Spectral imaging of biofilms
7,757,952 Method and apparatus for counterfeiting protection